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IBM dives into OpenOffice.org development

IBM joins forces with OpenOffice.org to contribute code and resources starting with the iAccessible2 accessibility tool. Once it’s assimilated into OpenOffice.org, it’ll make ODF more attractive to governments, which often require that the technology they purchase be accessible to all … Continue reading

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Christian of the 21st century

“The Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will not exist at all.”–Karl Rahner. Fr. Bob Struzynski, OFM told me that a couple of years ago during one of my visits to Mt. Irenaeus. It resonated for … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 1960’s and now

In reading the comments on the feed at Lifehack.org that I wrote about yesterday I’m struck by the tone of some of the comments. Life is not as some would have us believe an us vs. them. It’s not conservative … Continue reading

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Be yourself

I came across a great piece of writing this morning and I wanted to share it. Conformity has very little to recommend it. Trust yourself and trust others. Our world has so little trust even a little more is precious. … Continue reading

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Hazy summer thoughts..

It’s hot here tonight. It’s muggy and hot. Today the daytime temperature in the Genesee Valley and Rochester, New York area exceeded 95F. That’s very warm in Western New York. It may not be global warming but it’s unusual. I … Continue reading

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In the last six years I’ve purchased a half dozen GPS units. Up until recently they all had been hand held units. My first two units were Magellan 310 and Magellan 315 units which I purchased for handheld navigation when … Continue reading

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Well said..

I came across this video on TalkingPointsMemo. It’s to the point and part of what is wrong with both Democrats and Republicans.

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More thoughts

When I was a child I grew up next to the Arcade Library. I learned how to read at school and I’m blessed with enough intelligence and a sense of curiosity to wonder how things work. I spent hours each … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud

I got a nice email from a colleague who’s been writing me as part of an ongoing discussion about the use of Open Office in a K-12 school system. Long story short we’re going back to using Microsoft Office 2000 … Continue reading

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Shift Happens

I may have written about this before, but it’s more timely each day. It’s a story that isn’t told much on mainstream media. Today’s politicians are focused on “important issues” like gay rights, gay marriage and abortion. The media has … Continue reading

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