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Reflecting on the Kent State shootings

Reading this piece today brought all the memories back of that day fifty years ago when panicked National Guardsmen fired on protesters at Kent State University. I was seventeen years old in that spring of 1970 and would soon be … Continue reading

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Rolling Thunder

We were in Washington for the weekend celebrating 30 years of marriage. Washington is a great place to visit and we were among thousands of other Americans who were in the nation’s capital for the weekend. Among those who came … Continue reading

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Peace is every step..

I came across this video while searching for peace videos on Youtube. There is some footage of Claude Anshin Thomas of whom I wrote the other day. There is some of Thich Nhat Hanh and others who are committed to … Continue reading

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Wes Clark

In the last five years I’ve had to listen to right wing chicken hawks impugn my generation and while they beat the war drums for their trumped up war in Iraq. Now of course this same malevolent element is trying … Continue reading

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