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Massively Open Online Course

A couple of days ago I signed up for my first ever MOOC and then I visited the Coursesites.com and signed up for a course about Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OER (Open Educational Resources). MOOCs are potentially disruptive innovation.  They … Continue reading

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Does cost really matter?

Earlier today I read a tweet from Phil Shapiro that suggested that the massive iPad initiative in Los Angeles Schools was in trouble. I did some “googling” and it does seem that the project is over budget. According to what … Continue reading

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Using Cell phones in a middle school classroom

I’ve been teaching middle school students how to use technology safely and effectively for three years now. It was a novel experience from the very start and it still continues to keep me on my toes looking for ways to … Continue reading

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What impact does technology have on your breath

“After a few days of these breathing exercises, [Linda Stone] noticed something interesting: just a few minutes after doing her breathing exercises, she’d head to work, check her email, and find herself holding her breath. Noting that there may be … Continue reading

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It’s not just about technology

I use technology every day. Who doesn’t? We all flip on electric lights, Many of us drive cars. Others ride buses. Some of us have cell phones. Some of those phones are “smart” phones and others are “feature phones. Some … Continue reading

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Sharing technology

Here’s a great initiative that just came to me in an email. Take time to follow the link to Civic Commons. Visit Civic Commons!

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I am not giving up

This post is a response to a wonderful educator from Saskatchewan who has written a very thoughtful piece on his blog expressing his frustration with his or his district’s battle to wean students from Youtube and Facebook. Let me preface … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth

We are still enjoying the heat and near constant sun. It’s a nice change of pace from our home where we have long periods of overcast and cold in the winter. I’ve long enjoyed South Carolina dating to the late … Continue reading

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ISTE 2011 First Night

A picture inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center at the keynote session. We arrived safe and sound in Philadelphia this afternoon. A decision by Kim when we were 80 miles out proved sage as we drove straight to the convention center … Continue reading

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New direction

I recently wrote about fear and doubt and how I was uncertain of my future and how that future might include retirement. I walked all the way to the edge and even jumped off into retirement only to be recalled … Continue reading

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