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Repairer of Broken Walls

Today I received an email from one of my relatives which caused me to look again at one of my favorite quotes from the Book of Isaiah. There are many who decry what has happened to our society and our … Continue reading

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We are the United States of America

I love this address by a congressman with moxie. Dennis Kucinich has long been a favorite of mine. Like me he is not afraid to stand for something. Thank you Congressman Kucinich for a moving speech full of logic instead … Continue reading

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MSM no longer relevant

After watching President Obama’s prime-time press conference and after having read the blogosphere all day along with comments on Facebook I’m convinced that he kicked some serious butt. However, if you’re unlucky enough to listen to main stream media outlets … Continue reading

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This can’t be happening

For over thirty years I’ve listened to a litany of lies and subterfuge from politicians and pundits about the wrong headed New Deal policies of Franklin Roosevelt. The global economy called for new ideas and well we just couldn’t have … Continue reading

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No vision

The stock market plunged 800 points today. News yesterday that the 700 billion dollar bailout may do nothing to improve the economy unless the value of real estate begins to rise. Iraq is teetering. Afghanistan is going backward and all … Continue reading

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Slacker Uprising

I got a note from a group I belong to about a new movie by MIchael Moore entitled “Slacker Uprising.” You can download the movie for free at SlackerUprising.com. Here’s the trailer which is pretty entertaining.

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Palin Button

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday that had an image like the one below. I’d like to get a button like this and wear it. If you like this button I found a link where you can … Continue reading

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