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Turn away from sin and follow the Gospel

That’s frequently said by priests and others who administer ashes to the faithful on Ash Wednesday. Today is the beginning of Lent. What is Lent and what does it mean in 2020? What is sin? Everyone might have a different … Continue reading

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Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Dominus Tecum

During Lent I began a process of trying to remove toxicity from my life. Lent is always a time of new beginnings and since I don’t like giving up Chocolate and other goodies, I thought how can I get more … Continue reading

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We shall remain

This morning I got a preview of an epic televised special which will be airing on PBS next month. It is a topic near to my heart, not because I am a Native American, but because my life is so … Continue reading

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This morning I drove toward Mt. Irenaeus in with a hint of snow in the air and a pall of overcast. It didn’t look like an idyllic Palm Sunday. Our liturgy began in the library under Holy Peace Chapel. Fr. … Continue reading

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Awaiting on you all

One of my favorite musicians is and was George Harrison. He was the mystical Beatle. Harrison more than Lennon and McCartney seemed to be most in touch with the world around him.  That might be very unfair to Ringo Starr … Continue reading

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The light of the world

Today was a beautiful, sunny day as I drove toward Mt. Irenaeus. Today’s Gospel was about the young man born blind who regains his sight as a result of a miracle that Jesus performs. Blindness is always assumed to be … Continue reading

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Thoughts on prayer

Yesterday, I wrote about what makes a monk. It was a popular post and even invited a response. I am a contemplative and maybe could even claim to be a mystic or at the very least attracted to mysticism. I … Continue reading

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I will lead you into the desert, and there I will speak to your heart. Hosea 2:14 Campaign 2008 and the news media in general have driven me into the desert. I’m really blessed because the onslaught of media both … Continue reading

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Guns not butter

Tonight’s Olean Times Herald had a front page item that proclaimed that our new federal budget will break Medicare. The Times Herald is a pretty conservative paper. They have been unabashed apologists for much of the Bush agenda. Earlier today … Continue reading

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I’m going to listen

What is Lent? Today I got up at 5:30 am and headed for the gym. It was raining hard. As I ran I could hear the rain beating on the roof of the gymnasium and I was reminded of Thomas … Continue reading

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