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EdCamp is is an opportunity for learning you cannot afford to miss

I became aware of the EdCamp movement over a year ago through one of my Twitter contacts, Christina Luce. Since that time I’ve done a lot of reading about the EdCamp movement and I’ve been very impressed by what I … Continue reading

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What is learning and what part does evaluation play in learning?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the high stakes testing environment that most schools across the country and especially those in New York State have had to endure. I’ve been thinking too about the new teacher evaluations which use … Continue reading

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Keeping it green

Tomorrow I will be attending a conference on learning. The name of the conference is the “IT Conference.” It means the, “Innovative Teaching Conference.” I’m sure there will be lots of innovators there. I’m going there to listen and learn. … Continue reading

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I am not giving up

This post is a response to a wonderful educator from Saskatchewan who has written a very thoughtful piece on his blog expressing his frustration with his or his district’s battle to wean students from Youtube and Facebook. Let me preface … Continue reading

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Lifelong learning

This afternoon I enrolled at Excelsior College’s Master of Business Administration. In the past nearly two years of blogging I’ve written about a number of different topics. Blogging has been cathartic and catharsis often gives birth to new ideas and … Continue reading

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Paradigm change

In reading one of the blogs that I regularly read I came across this video which is well made, timely and poignant. I work in an educational establishment. I have a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology. I’m always watching … Continue reading

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