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Wrong man for the job

Rage by Bob Woodward My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a page turner. Woodward does a great job of reporting on the Trump presidency with extensive interviews with the principals in the story. It’s one of the best … Continue reading

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Never underestimate Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi by Molly Ball My rating: 4 of 5 stars Interesting book and one I’m glad I read. It gave me insights about Nancy Pelosi that I would never have known. She’s an incredible person. You have to admire her … Continue reading

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A leader when we needed one

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This is dedicated to the people of New York

There are thousands of courageous people on the front lines of this coronavirus pandemic. The epicenter in the United States is currently New York City. I live a long way from there but I have many friends who live there. … Continue reading

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Mr. Martinez — Servant Leader

Friday I volunteered at Boston Valley Elementary School in the First Grade classroom of Dara Watkins. It was my first classroom experience since retiring in August. I read the students “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” which was one of the … Continue reading

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It’s been 20 years since my first NYSCATE Conference. The changes in that time have been remarkable. I’ve attended a number of sessions and most have been very interesting. Although I’ve seen no presentations on open source per se but … Continue reading

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The Leader in Me

I’ve been reading “The Leader in Me,” by Steven Covey today as I sit in a boat rocking gently on the shores of Lake Murray in steamy South Carolina. It’s been quite a year and just prior to the ISTE … Continue reading

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Beginners mind

I took some time to read a post from year or more ago and in it I referenced a beginners mind. That is such an important concept and one that I need to remember often. It’s really timeless wisdom and … Continue reading

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A real leader is always at the scene of the battle. Contrast Barack Obama’s tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq with the leadership style of our current president. Senator McCain’s camp actually leaked the details of the trip, but Obama, … Continue reading

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