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“Spirituality is not about feeling good about ourselves. It’s about doing good wherever we are. It’s about bringing good to everyone. It’s about becoming the good we seek. It’s about fashioning our souls in the kind of silence that enables … Continue reading

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Power of Kindness

Friday morning I left my sister’s home in Tempe, AZ bound for Changing Hands bookstore to purchase some gifts for my children. It is my habit when out of town to remember those closest to me with a small gift. … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Powerful video from Pink. No words can describe what you are about to see and hear.

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Prayer request

My daughter has been hospitalized with an unusual infection in her left leg. She’s normally “fit as a fiddle,” running ten to twelve miles a week. Tuesday night we received a call that a friend was taking her to the … Continue reading

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All are welcome

Today as I made my way to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass I could not shut out the specter of war and an overall feeling of helplessness from my mind. Saber rattling by the Bush Administration both in Iraq and lately … Continue reading

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Conscientious objector

Thirty-five years ago I volunteered for the United States Navy. I volunteered for the Hospital Corps because like this man I didn’t think I could kill people. It ain’t in me. No amount of training can overcome my most basic … Continue reading

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The Lord hears the cry of the poor..

I just got home from a few days at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia. I went there to help and I was helped. St. Francis of Assisi said, “it is in giving that we receive,” and that is what happened. … Continue reading

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Could you please help our 9/11 heroes?

I saw a nice message on Huffington Post and I thought it deserved even more air time and coverage. Thanks to Michael Moore for taking the time to really care about the heroes of 9/11 who’ve been neatly forgotten by … Continue reading

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Today was timeout. A day of silent retreat in my own hermitage. Today I read a book that’s been around for a relatively long time. I was aware of some of the principles in the book and I even practice … Continue reading

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Gratefulness for today

I came across this lovely video reflection produced by Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk of the Mt. Saviour Community. I’ve read several of Brother David’s books and even been on retreat at Mt. Saviour Monastery when he was present … Continue reading

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