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Barclay Hastings

I never heard of Barclay before and I could not agree more with him. He’s a little older than me, but we’re on a similar wave length. See more videos from Local Voices for Obama.

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This can’t be happening

For over thirty years I’ve listened to a litany of lies and subterfuge from politicians and pundits about the wrong headed New Deal policies of Franklin Roosevelt. The global economy called for new ideas and well we just couldn’t have … Continue reading

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CC Goldwater weighs in

I came across this well written piece on HuffingtonPost.com as I was eating my lunch. It’s written by CC Goldwater, the grand-daughter of the late Republican icon, Barry Goldwater. If you like the excerpted quote below then follow the link … Continue reading

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What if..

The following brief article came in today’s mail from a friend. What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review? What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class? What if McCain … Continue reading

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The debate

I’ve been watching the presidential debate a bit tonight. It’s the first one that I’ve really viewed on my big TV. I watched the conventions on my laptop with UStream.tv and an NBC live feed. I find the debates tiresome. … Continue reading

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Loving their own noise

Loving their own noise. Tonight’s presidential debate seemed like a lot of noise to me. I listened to perhaps thirty-five minutes and then I turned it off. Debates usually lack substance and this one seemed more devoid than others. It … Continue reading

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No vision

The stock market plunged 800 points today. News yesterday that the 700 billion dollar bailout may do nothing to improve the economy unless the value of real estate begins to rise. Iraq is teetering. Afghanistan is going backward and all … Continue reading

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Go Mr. Cohen

This short video clip is priceless and begs interesting parallels between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden.

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Just today I read that John McCain wants to de-regulate health care. Mr. McCain believes that the way the market functions best is when government leaves its hands off. In an ideal society where everyone really is honest with everyone … Continue reading

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Veterans for Obama

I’m a proud veteran of the United States Navy and I’m supporting Barack Obama for President. I like this video of the veterans who are also supporting Obama. These folks are from Pennsylvania. I’d like to show the support of … Continue reading

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