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The last U.S. troops out

I’m glad to see that the last United States troops are leaving Iraq. Many hawks are quick to blame our president for the uncertain end of the mission. That’s unfair and unfortunate because the war never had areal mission to … Continue reading

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For the last several weeks we’ve been treated to non-stop coverage of one man’s infidelity to his wife. I’m not excusing Tiger Wood’s behavior, but that is a matter between he, his wife and family. I’m not sure even Bill … Continue reading

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A real leader is always at the scene of the battle. Contrast Barack Obama’s tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq with the leadership style of our current president. Senator McCain’s camp actually leaked the details of the trip, but Obama, … Continue reading

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Freedom has its cost

Operation Iraqi Freedom was going to leave us with a democracy in the Middle East. It looks like the Iraqis are catching on and that things are going swimmingly well for them but not so well for us.  Turns out … Continue reading

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Friends for Peace

Today when I arrived home from work I checked my mail. The largest parcel came from the American Friends Service Committee. When I opened the large envelope it contained a poster that can be displayed that simply states Friends for … Continue reading

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Bogey man

Yesterday, President Bush told a reporter that he gave up golf to be in solidarity with the parents of loved ones who had been killed in Iraq. Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force and Marines who’ve been killed in an un-necessary and … Continue reading

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Terribly profitable

This week in Congress, General Petraeus, told our representatives that we have to pause on the draw down of our troops in Iraq. Iraq is not really any safer than it was a year ago when we were told that … Continue reading

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A chill wind

There’s a chill wind blowin’ in Washington today as Army Vice Chief of Staff told congress that you either change course or start the draft and/or face a broken army. I’m not in favor of the draft and neither are … Continue reading

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History or his story

Today I came across a nice interview conducted by Charlie Rose on public television with two Iraqis. Their subject matter had do with whether Iraq was better off five years later as a result of the United States invasion and … Continue reading

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Counting the cost

Today marked the 4,000th American soldier killed in combat in Iraq. Colonel Dan Smith has a well written piece at Quakers Colonel. I also read a well written piece my Michael Moore at CommonDreams. It is more than a sad … Continue reading

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