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Call to conversion

Waging Peace: One Soldier’s Story of Putting Love First by Diana Oestreich I’ve read so many good books this summer that i didn’t think it was possible to read one more. This invitation to read this book from a class … Continue reading

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What is winning?

Michael Ware has a different definition of winning in Iraq. Watch this video.

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Those damned Iranians

Turns out the Iranians may have duped us into attacking Iraq. It does seem to have strengthened their hand. Defense Department counterintelligence investigators suspected that Iranian exiles who provided dubious intelligence on Iraq and Iran to a small group of … Continue reading

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I was right

Five plus years ago I received a nice letter from the White House informing me that the President appreciated my letters asking him not to go to war, but that he (the president) knew better and that we had committed … Continue reading

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I listened to Scott McClellan discuss his new book, What Happened,  several times last week and just yesterday I listened to retired Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez discuss his new book, Wiser in Battle,  on NPR. I also just watched a … Continue reading

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Winter Soldier

On Sunday I found myself inside a church on Jamestown Island in Virginia. The church is a replica of the original that stood on that ground in the early 17th century. Posted at the front of the church were the … Continue reading

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A Moment of Peace

As I read the news reports coming out of Iraq this morning I began to wonder what if we hadn’t invaded Iraq and we’d have saved all the good will we used to enjoy in the world. What if we’d … Continue reading

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Thank you

Thank you President Bush for having the foresight to invade Iraq five years ago. I thought it was wrong to do, but you’ve proven that war is the ultimate right weapon in the fight against terror. I salute your insight … Continue reading

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War made easy

While the media and the public have been focused on Eliot Spitzer’s disgrace at least eight more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. That brings the total of American war dead to nearly 4,000. Iraq is not even front … Continue reading

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Counting the cost

I’ve been on the couch most of today. I’ve had a 24 hour virus. Chills, fever and a bit achey. Today was one of those lovely midwinter days where there were only high cirrus clouds and almost unrestricted sun. That’s … Continue reading

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