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This teddy bear has been part of the family for almost fifteen years now. Originally purchased as a Christmas gift for Dara when she was in elementary school.   Dara named him Bubba. About five years ago when we moved … Continue reading

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Peanut butter and jelly

John McCain is losing and now he’s pulling out all the stops. He’s accusing Obama of being a communist and recently I’ve seen that some of the right wing talk show hosts are insisting that Obama is a marxist.  This … Continue reading

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Just today I read that John McCain wants to de-regulate health care. Mr. McCain believes that the way the market functions best is when government leaves its hands off. In an ideal society where everyone really is honest with everyone … Continue reading

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Relief from weasels

We are in another election year. It’s a cycle that lasts longer than “road construction” it seems. Each year the hookah gets deeper and deeper. Politicians have always been full of it, but with 24×7 spin doctors on all the … Continue reading

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Presidential qualities

Wes Clark is an American hero and so is John McCain. Wes Clark served in Vietnam and so did John. George Bush did not serve in Vietnam and may not have fulfilled his commitment to the Alabama National Guard. Dick … Continue reading

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In memoriam

I learned early this morning from a colleague that George Carlin had died. I was surprised and saddened and throughout the day I thought of George and the impact he had on me, on our culture and how we look … Continue reading

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Thank you Comedy Central

I hadn’t heard that. Too funny. I wonder if the  President has heard of $5 a gallon gasoline.

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