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Blind guides

I read today on one of the news blogs that Glen Beck and some Republican congressman are touting that a vote on health care on Sunday is dishonoring God. It reminds me of the quote from Jesus taken from the … Continue reading

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For the last several weeks we’ve been treated to non-stop coverage of one man’s infidelity to his wife. I’m not excusing Tiger Wood’s behavior, but that is a matter between he, his wife and family. I’m not sure even Bill … Continue reading

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I stand with the President!

Be a real American and your brother and sisters keeper. Support real health care reform.

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More health care news

Here’s a story I came upon tonight on Crooks & Liars. It’s a great piece by Bill Moyers which highlights the problem that average Americans have in obtaining health care and the best part is that he shows how a … Continue reading

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We want the public option!!

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