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Single Payer

We’ve all been witness to the heated debate over public or private financing of health care for all Americans. Yesterday, a Federal Appeals court issued the following statement which seems to strike at what many on the right wing call, … Continue reading

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Public Option Dead

Word on the web is that the public option in health care is dead. That’s really too bad because not getting the cost of medical care under control will eventually be the undoing of the United States of America. Corporate … Continue reading

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Health care reform is good for business

This story comes from a story and video I’ve just seen on one of my favorite blogs. Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Senator John Edwards, a woman currently battling cancer really does a great job of debunking some of the myths … Continue reading

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I stand with the President!

Be a real American and your brother and sisters keeper. Support real health care reform.

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More health care news

Here’s a story I came upon tonight on Crooks & Liars. It’s a great piece by Bill Moyers which highlights the problem that average Americans have in obtaining health care and the best part is that he shows how a … Continue reading

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What the American people want…

Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican party seems to think Americans don’t want health care. This video show Steele sidestepping questions. He says here he is not a politician. He’s the chairman of a political organization and we’re supposed to … Continue reading

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It’s Time, Representatives

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No more excuses

This week we’ve seen stalling and grand standing on health care reform by folks who don’t need health insurance because they already have government provided health care. We the people demand change. Those who represent us would have us believe … Continue reading

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