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Look for the helpers

As this global pandemic appears to threaten us all it is easy to lose hope. At least it is for me. Anxiety and depression can take their toll too. Because of where we live I’ve been able to walk outside … Continue reading

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Grant me the serenity

As I walked today I recited the Serenity Prayer. It’s a prayer that I’ve used for many years. Most people know the shorter version of the prayer but I have found the long version to be very comforting. I half-dozen … Continue reading

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Bearing hard things well

Reading Joan Chittister the last few days has been a tonic for my weary soul. She never disappoints and this book is exactly what I needed to read now. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and I never wear it … Continue reading

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Kindness remembered

March 9, 1973 I put on my dress blues, boarded an Allegany Airlines jet in Buffalo and took a quick flight to Newark Airport. I had a seabag in one hand and my military orders in the other. Keeping my … Continue reading

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Take a deep breath and release

With those words my prostate cancer surgeon released me from life with a catheter. I’m grateful that I’m no longer tethered. I was learning to get along with these extras. They provided the necessary bridge to health after the robotic … Continue reading

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Grateful for the journey

My life has had a lot of ups and downs in the past year. I don’t want to recount them now. A few months ago I learned from expert medical attention that I have prostate cancer. Who isn’t afraid of … Continue reading

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I love my new life

It’s been five years since I left public education and in that time I’ve realized how much I like my life as a part time writer in an open source community. I had been looking for a research job in … Continue reading

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Giving is its own reward

I recently read an article about the Hidden Benefit of Giving Back to Open Source Software. The main focus of the article is about the economic benefit. The author makes the point early on that, “The reason for that benefit … Continue reading

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A blessing indeed

Original Blessing by Matthew Fox My rating: 5 of 5 stars An incredibly insightful book. This is a remarkable work and one that should leave the reader asking many questions about why the message of Jesus was hijacked by those … Continue reading

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Learn to find ease in risk

Four years ago I read the following passage in a wonderful book by John O’Donohue. My heart leapt as I read it and tears welled in my eyes as I sought a change in venue. I longed for something different but … Continue reading

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