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I am not a free agent

God among His other functions must be a tireless activity working towards an end. Everything He calls into being works toward that end, I myself with the rest. I am not a purposeless bit of jetsam flung out on the … Continue reading

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Fear itself

I began this experiment with public sharing of my thoughts a bit over three years ago shortly after I suffered a pulmonary embolism. I felt a need to write and discovered that I can write and some like my sister … Continue reading

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Our deepest fear

I came across this quote from Marianne Williamson. I first heard it a couple of years ago at Mt. Irenaeus. I think it’s a powerful thought and one worth sharing again and again. Our deepest fear is not that we … Continue reading

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A world turned upside down..

This week as I watched California burning and read in the evening paper that in five years 36% of our states will face a water shortage I thought that’s something we ought to be genuinely concerned about.

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His agent

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, pondering and meditating lately. I live a life of active contemplation. Despite this or because of it I am blessed. My recent decision to apply to an MBA program has been born of … Continue reading

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