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Grand Oil Party

True to form the GOP blocked a measure that would have supplied a measure of relief to American’s at the pump. They blocked an effort by Senate Democrats to tax windfall profits of oil companies. Windfall profits would be a … Continue reading

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IQ in your future?

Toyota’s hoping many people will be looking to increase their bottom line with the purchase of an IQ. I’m tempted myself. This little car looks like the ForTwo, only it is for three adults plus one child.  Read more here.

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Thank you Comedy Central

I hadn’t heard that. Too funny. I wonder if the  President has heard of $5 a gallon gasoline.

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Energy Shortage?

Gasoline and other fuel prices are rising at meteoric rates and a do-nothing government sits idly by and tells us that Europe is paying more per gallon and they are as usual telling only half the truth. The Europeans are … Continue reading

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