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From the heart

Parker Palmer has been a favorite of mine for a number of years now and this recently released video of his upcoming book, Healing the Heart of Democracy really speaks to a topic that I wrote about yesterday. We have … Continue reading

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End the squabbling now

“I never remember a time when we had such deadlock, paralysis, almost unrelenting rigidity. We were able to work across the aisle and shape what I call American solutions to big issues. Something happened to shatter that essential ability to … Continue reading

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Slacker Uprising

I got a note from a group I belong to about a new movie by MIchael Moore entitled “Slacker Uprising.” You can download the movie for free at SlackerUprising.com. Here’s the trailer which is pretty entertaining.

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Freedom has its cost

Operation Iraqi Freedom was going to leave us with a democracy in the Middle East. It looks like the Iraqis are catching on and that things are going swimmingly well for them but not so well for us.  Turns out … Continue reading

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A few days ago Vice President Cheney was interviewed by Martha Raddatz of ABC and in the interview the news anchor had the temerity to assert that two thirds of the American public think that the invasion of Iraq was … Continue reading

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