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Holding Afghanistan in the Light

More broadly, it is far past time for the United States to acknowledge that peace and real security can never be achieved through military force, and to therefore abandon the failed endless war paradigm completely. — Read on http://www.fcnl.org/updates/2021-08/holding-afghanistan-light The … Continue reading

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Franz Jaegerstaetter beatification

On Friday, October 26, Franz Jaegerstaetter, an Austrian conscientious objector during World War II, will be beatified. I have written about Franz in the past and he continues to be a person of interest for me. He was light in … Continue reading

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So unlike your Christ

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.–Gandhi Earlier in the week I wrote about an archbishop’s decision to withhold a sacramental rite from a politician got me to thinking again about … Continue reading

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Three eared rabbits and such

One of my best friends told me today he preferred to read about the three eared rabbit and less about Iraq. I haven’t seen my dear three eared friend in a couple of months which makes me wonder if he’s … Continue reading

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What’s going on..?

As we ramp up to yet another war. Here is one of my favorite ballads by one of the greatest voices in Motown history. Suppose they gave a war and no one came. Imagine the day when universal health care … Continue reading

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Merton and morality

It sometimes happens that the men who preach most vehemently about evil and the punishment of evil, so that they seem to have practically nothing else on their minds except sin, are really unconcious haters of other men. They think … Continue reading

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Counter to God’s law?

“We need to be very precise then, about what I said wearing my stars and being very conscious of it,” he added. “And that is, very simply, that we should respect those who want to serve the nation but not … Continue reading

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Wage peace

According to the American Friends Service Committee we are currently spending $720 million dollars a day in Iraq.

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Dear Mr. President

Powerful video from Pink. No words can describe what you are about to see and hear.

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War pigs

I’ve seen this video in the last six months and it is powerful as we prepare for yet another war. We are the War pigs. We love war. We talk of Jesus and the Ten Commandments, but we condemn anyone … Continue reading

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