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St. Martin

Today marked the 40th anniversary of assassination of one American who was truly blessed. Martin Luther King, should be elevated to sainthood. His life and his writings give testimony to his powerful spirit. I was fifteen years old and whenever … Continue reading

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Conjectures of Thomas Merton

In looking for another famous quote from Thomas Merton’s, Seven Storey Mountain, I happened upon a quote from Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander which is just a powerful and insightful given the current political and cultural climate. For myself, I … Continue reading

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Non-violence or non-existence

Today I came across a story of healing for a Vietnam war veteran who was so traumatized by that experience that he still bore the scars thirty years after the fact. I sent that story on to some friends today. … Continue reading

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The Way

A while back I purchased Wayne Dyer’s, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” It’s only the second or third audio book I’ve ever purchased. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it when I’m out driving around. I listen to very little … Continue reading

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Christmas displays

Recently Olean, New York and the surrounding area has been driven into a frenzy at times over the public display of a nativity set on the lawn of city hall. I’ve read with interest the articles pro and con in … Continue reading

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Weeping Jesus

Here’s a well written piece that echoes some of what I’ve been thinking lately. Cultural conservative is really polite speak for bigot and hate monger. an irrational hatred of gays, a suppression of women’s rights, the assertion that only they … Continue reading

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Gettin deep..

There’s an expression in my part of the world, “gettin’ deep” which literally means the baloney is on overload. Today in a story reported on Huffington Post, John McCain says he’d prefer a Christian president since this nation was founded … Continue reading

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