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Today I was reading Shipwrecked in South Carolina’s “Already Broken.” I’d been thinking about what it means to be open before, but James got me focused again. Openness is a concept which is not expressed much in education, at least … Continue reading

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Death of the news

Has anyone noticed that news is dying?  I don’t mean that there aren’t any stories to be covered. There are more stories now than there ever have been but those stories are being covered more and more by people like … Continue reading

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MSM no longer relevant

After watching President Obama’s prime-time press conference and after having read the blogosphere all day along with comments on Facebook I’m convinced that he kicked some serious butt. However, if you’re unlucky enough to listen to main stream media outlets … Continue reading

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Mena Trott on blogging

This is a really good presentation on the positives of blogging by a woman who knows.

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