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Yes we can

Barack Obama won the presidency in large part because he mobilized sections of the electorate that had either never voted before or didn’t feel called to do so. Many of those voters were young people. Some like me who are … Continue reading

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This came in today’s mail and it’s fitting after the results of yesterday’s election.  My wife commented to me this morning that she wondered what Martin Luther King would have thought and said. I thought too of Alex Haley and … Continue reading

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This is a special night. This is one of those watershed events in history. This campaign reminded of the campaign of John F. Kennedy in 1960. I remember that. I was a seven year old boy. This campaign just concluded … Continue reading

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Prepared for heartbreak

I’m not watching the news and I can’t even look at the blogs I normally read because tomorrow and more importantly is the night when my heart will get broken one more time.  I’ve been pulling for Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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A video is worth ….

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. How much more is a video worth? Barack Obama had a chance to talk directly to the citizens of the United States without the filter of the media. … Continue reading

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According to each one’s need

Much has been made of Senator Obama’s plan to tax the rich and give it to the middle class and poor in this country. Senator McCain and members of the Republican party are calling Senator Obama a socialst, marxist and … Continue reading

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Peanut butter and jelly

John McCain is losing and now he’s pulling out all the stops. He’s accusing Obama of being a communist and recently I’ve seen that some of the right wing talk show hosts are insisting that Obama is a marxist.  This … Continue reading

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Sir Charles endorses Barack Obama

I’ve long been a fan of Charles Barkley. I’ve enjoyed watching him when he played on the Sixers with Doctor J. I’ve seen him in person when he played with the Phoenix Suns at the end of his career. He’s … Continue reading

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Third wave

In 1995 or 1996 I read a book by Alvin Toffler that was entitled, “Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave. It was a very interesting book at the time and one of the salient points that … Continue reading

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Barclay Hastings

I never heard of Barclay before and I could not agree more with him. He’s a little older than me, but we’re on a similar wave length. See more videos from Local Voices for Obama.

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