It’s cold but it’s a different cold

I finally ventured out of the house today to clean our driveway. Yesterday I drove twenty miles for a medical appointment. After my return home I stayed inside for over twenty-four hours which is very atypical for me. I like walking and being out in the neighborhood. Overnight our temperature went down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit which is very cold to be sure. When I was a young boy it was not uncommon for temperatures to dip below -30F so I’m no stranger to cold weather. I can remember a time in the 1980’s when it was subzero for an entire week.

Climate change is a difficult subject in the United States. Some confuse climate with weather. Others, like our president assume that subzero cold weather is an indication that ‘global warming’ is a hoax. I read Inconvenient Truth many years ago and I’ve subsequently read other works about climate change and they all point to more extreme weather. You’re probably thinking about the subzero temperatures of yesteryear as an rebuttal for extreme weather.

Here’s where the difference lies. Years ago, we’d have a month or sometimes two or three where the temperature never got above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes if we were lucky we’d have a January thaw late in that month. This week, we’re going from subzero yesterday and today to more normal temperatures tomorrow followed by unseasonably warm temperatures rising in to the high forties and possibly fifty degrees on Monday. Prodigious snowfalls to our north will become water and cause ice packed creeks and rivers to overflow. Roadways and streets will be flooded and then just as quickly as it thawed there will be a return to frigid weather. Therein lies the difference and it’s a weather pattern that has been repeated time and time again in the past number of years. I believe it’s going to get worse and eventually it is going to threaten our existence in many ways that we can only imagine now.

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It’s the climate stupid!

Yesterday I received an email from my brother who lives in Wisconsin with a link to an article and it’s substance was about the subzero polar vortex which is impacting the mid-west and the much of the country this week. The article explained that this phenomenon is being caused because a mass of warm air had recently moved to the arctic and displaced the arctic air to the south. The warm air that arrived in the arctic was 125 degrees above normal if memory serves me correctly.

It’s become popular for the climate change deniers in our country to point to these frigid temperatures and deride those who speak and write of ‘global warming.’ According to these folks the frigid temperatures belie the existence of global warming and climate change. Recently, Alexandria Occasio-Cortez took some heat from the pundits when she proclaimed that the world is going to end in twelve years. While I’m not sure of the exact timing that she proclaimed it is easy to see that our climate is changing rapidly and our weather is becoming more and more severe. We have had so much rain in our area that the ground is saturated. Recently, due to this hyper-saturation and extreme wind one of our neighbors spruce trees was uprooted and toppled into our yard. It will cost several hundred dollars to have it removed and disposed of.

Yesterday, The Intercept proclaimed that the real national emergency is climate change and not border security. I wholeheartedly agree with their premise. Rising sea levels, extreme heat and drought are already wreaking havoc in the United States and around the world. In the meantime the majority of our political leaders deny its existence or cast shade on those of us who see cause for alarm. One has to wonder how much longer we must endure the ravages of this change coupled with the intransigence of our politicians.

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May the Lord Bless You Theo

Today we bury Theo. He is our grandson who we never got to talk to. He died on December 28 while he was still in the womb. His death has been devastating to his parents and his brother Myles. Theo was born dead on Sunday December 30, 2018. I’m grateful that I got a chance to meet him and touch his plump little cheeks and put my hand on his chest. Though we never talked we got to share a prayer. We know from the autopsy report that Theo had a condition in his blood that would have made him prone to hemorrhages. But, to look at Theo one would never guess that. He looked like an angel. I will never forget looking at his beautiful face nor will I forget the sobs of his mother and father.

We expect the death of older people. Birth, life and death is a cycle common to us all. We don’t expect death before birth. Though we never got to hold him and feel the warmth of his skin we could feel the warmth of his spirit and that is what we will celebrate today at his memorial which will occur in a few hours. That divine spark is within us all from the moment of our conception and it transcends our death. In fact we never really die once we’re conceived.. Our ancestors are never really dead either. We bear all of their light within us and we pass it on to our children and they to their children and so on.

Death is a concept that is man made and maybe more so among western civilization. We know from quantum physics that energy is neither created nor destroyed but merely changed from one form to another. Therefore though we can no longer touch Theo, he continues to touch us. His physical absence is not non-existence. His energy or soul if you will lives on within all of us and I believe that someday we will see him again.

I had a sister, Mary Patricia, who lived but thirty-six hours. I never got to see her, but I remember her still and sometimes I think of her and wonder what she would have been like. The pain of the death of a child is great. These are the times that invite me to wonder. How does this all make sense. Why?

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” – Corinthians 1: 13-12.  Like St. Paul wrote a couple thousand years ago, we see only a reflection but someday we will see fully and know fully that which we cannot fully comprehend now. This is I know though and that is that Theo lives within us all. He is our guardian angel.

We have been given the option of placing something in Theo’s grave and I’m giving him the Cross of San Damiano because I was on a pilgrimage to Assisi when we first learned he was coming to live with us. May the Lord bless you Theo and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you his peace.”

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Here are some great reasons you should use Linux

This video was shared on Twitter and Facebook today by System76. If you’re not familiar they are a company based in Denver, Colorado that builds and sells computer systems that run Linux. These systems feature their own version of Linux which is called Pop!_OS or you can opt for Ubuntu 18.10. I recently visited their facility and was very impressed with their entire operation. This video sums up very nicely a half dozen reasons why you too should consider Linux for your computer operating system.

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Make America Contemplative Again

A friend shared that thought tonight on Twitter. It resonated for me. Right now I’m listening to Gregorian Chant and though I understand few if any of the words I am filled with peace. It is the end of the day and I am reminded of a time I spent at Mount Saviour Monastery in nearby Pine City, New York. They end their day beautifully with one of the monks playing a harp and reciting the compline prayer.

Come down we beseech you O Lord upon this house and drive from it all the snares of the enemy. Let your holy angels dwell in it and keep us in peace. And May your blessing be with us always. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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Forgive yourself and others too

Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man and Life's Greatest Lesson

Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson by Mitch Albom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of the books that should be required reading for college age students. But then they’re too young to get it. The wisdom of the relationship between Mitch and Morrie is ageless. I’m glad I read the book and encourage anyone else to. Maybe the topic is more poignant for a sixty something person. Maybe after you’ve read the book you’ll understand my title for this blog. Though I’ve absorbed many of the lessons in this book there are others that I’ve not yet experienced.

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The Paradox of military service

Today’s refusal of the Supreme Court to rule against this administration’s transgender ban got me to thinking about the paradoxes of military service. It wasn’t that long ago that being gay was not allowed in the military. The reasoning was somewhat along the lines of why women weren’t allowed in combat. As recently as 1948 the armed forces of the United States were segregated. African-Americans were separated from white units because they were judged inferior and likely to affect the combat readiness of our forces. In the past seventy years we have come to realize how ignorant that way of thinking was. When I served in the United States Navy in the 1970’s being gay was not an option. There were gay sailors and when they were outed they were summarily discharged dishonorably. As if one’s gender or sexuality could negatively impact the battle readiness or quality of one’s work.

Recently the current administration wants to ban transgender service members from serving. I think its ironic that a person who was unwilling to serve and went to great length to avoid military service would now take issue with the gender of the members of our military. Members of the military take and an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. Many of those who take the oath find themselves in harms way and some actually end the lives other human beings in the being true to that oath of enlistment. There is no religious or moral tradition that legitimizes murder yet that is often the result of military action. At the same time we hold members of our armed services to much higher standards than the general public. The paradox is while protecting the life of the country service members are often required to end the lives of the enemy. While that may be an expedient for a country it is hardly a moral act by anyone’s definition.

By what sophistry does this administration operate that they would deem that one’s gender determines one’s patriotism or readiness to serve the country in our armed forces. This action has done irreparable damage to the morale of our armed forces at a time when we can ill afford such an affront. I hope that this ruling is challenged and overturned in our courts.

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