Ville de Quebec

I learned a lot of new words today and remembered some older ones too. I learned what it’s like to be in a country where you don’t speak the language. I got a break too because at least here in Quebec City there are lots of people willing to help visitors who don’t speak French. I took French for two years in high school but that was over 40 years ago and I don’t remember much of it. New words like “stationment” and “ouvert” are in my French dictionary now. Others like “bonjour, oui, oeuf,” and more have been dusted off and recycled.

Quebec is a beautiful city and I’m very grateful that we have spent a day here with one more on tap. There is much to do and see here and the sites, sounds and smells are captivating. I got to see the Plains of Abraham today. I read about Marquis de Montalm and General Wolfe and the battle they fought here in 1759 but I had never been to the spot. Today as I looked across the gently rolling plain I wondered what the soldier who fought here were thinking as they trudged off to battle and one that would mean the end of their lives. There is much to do and see here and I’m not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow, but I’m glad we came here. Thank you Quebec and Canada for being gracious hosts.

About Don Watkins

I'm a FOSS advocate, writer, educator, Python coder, Linux user, US Navy Veteran, Secular Franciscan, husband,father and grandfather. I blog about my life and experiences that give it meaning.
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