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Midnight Mass

This is the way the chapel looked at Holy Peace following this year’s midnight mass. We began the experience in darkness and were escorted from our car by Brother Kevin. A local power failure had blanketed the area in darkness … Continue reading

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Mountain Madonna

After midnight Mass we joined the friars for juice, coffee and freshly made Christmas cookies. I love this picture of Mary and Jesus and I often imagine her holding me or any of us. Protecting us from harm. “Come down … Continue reading

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Creativity Is on the Decline — And Why It Matters – The Juggle – WSJ

This adds fuel to a fire that is burning within me and it has to do with how we teach and what we teach and of course test in schools. The test everything mentality is not leaving us better prepared. … Continue reading

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Fifty-eight years

That’s not a long time for many, but it’s twelve more years than my father got and unless tonight is my last night I stand to have more time yet to live and make a difference. When I look around … Continue reading

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Halt the Lion of War

I just watched a great video from TEDx which is one of my favorite sources of information and education. Consider how William Ury’s approach which is based in Abraham could work. This fall as a graduate student at St. Bonaventure … Continue reading

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