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Ubuntu v. Macintosh and Windows continued

Since writing my first piece on Ubuntu v. Macintosh and Windows I’ve had thousands of visitors to my blog and over a dozen comments. All of the comments have been instructive and constructive in my own growth and I’m grateful … Continue reading

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Worshiper or follower?

This past week I had dinner with my friend, Br. Kevin Kriso, OFM. We’re both reading a book by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM entitled Naked Now. As we chatted over dinner at the Linger Longer Cafe in downtown Allegany, New … Continue reading

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Red Spanish Tile

This morning I got up at 7 AM, showered and got ready for the first class of the Spring 2010 Semester at St. Bonaventure University. I was excited to once again be meeting with this small group of nearly two … Continue reading

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I cannot believe the responses I’ve received and the number of site visits my piece on Ubuntu vs. Macintosh and Windows has received. I originally wrote that as an email to my brother who has followed my Macintosh, Windows and … Continue reading

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Prayer request

Tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my life. It’s the official beginning of my leadership practicum at St. Bonaventure University. I’m confident that I can do well and that I’ll learn a lot, but like most things academic there … Continue reading

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Putting other people first

A couple of days ago I wrote a short piece for a colleague who is the senior class adviser at Franklinville Central School. I was trying to be helpful and I’ve found that whenever you try to help others you … Continue reading

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Ubuntu v. Macintosh and Windows

I’m not bowled over by the Macintosh.  It’s a great OS with some great tools and like a friend said on Facebook when I first got it, it is Linux with great multi-media.  I love Photo Booth, iPhoto, iMovie and … Continue reading

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Senior Trip

A few days ago the faculty advisor for this year’s senior class at Franklinville Central School approached me with a problem. He’s got some seniors who cannot attend this year’s senior trip because their parents recently lost employment. Now, I … Continue reading

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Today is the fourth year anniversary of this blog. It’s also my brother Mark’s birthday. Mark will be 56 today.  I’m wishing Mark a happy birthday and thankful that I’ve been able to hang around another four years to share … Continue reading

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Prayer request

Yesterday I learned that my sister has cancer. We don’t know much about it at this time, but she will meet with a surgeon Tuesday to determine their course of action. I’m a person who tries to help others but … Continue reading

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