A new day

The  inauguration of Barack Obama is still a few days away, but I cannot hide my delight. I’ve been getting emails from Republicans or folks concerned about Obama.  President Obama is not super-human. He’s charismatic and intelligent. He’s engaging everyone even his adversaries. He’s not easily pinned down nor pigeon-holed.  He’s got a lot of work to do and the country hasn’t been in this much trouble in decades. We face a crisis much greater than anyone we’ve faced since World War II and if the United States of America is to survive we must pull together. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree, but it does mean we have agree not to be disagreeable. For too many decades now we’ve been alienating and marginalizing people. That’s got to stop.

The United States of America is a melting pot. We are “E Pluribus Unum.”

About Don Watkins

I'm a FOSS advocate, writer, educator, Python coder, Linux user, US Navy Veteran, Secular Franciscan, husband,father and grandfather. I blog about my life and experiences that give it meaning.
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