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Heroic social witness

This quote comes from the Merton Institute’s weekly mail that I receive on Mondays. As you can see I’m a Merton fan and the Merton Institute keeps me thinking. Though there is no use in placing our hopes on a … Continue reading

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I was hungry

This is my favorite quote in all of scripture and has been for longer than I can remember. President Obama’s call to service and to give up childish things encourages me. For I was hungry and you gave me food, … Continue reading

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Presidential Morph

This came from a friend it just speaks for itself. Truly a remarkable use of technology.

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My heart is filled with gratitude tonight. I’m grateful for life in general, but also that we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power today in our land.  I wanted to watch the inauguration on television but that didn’t work out … Continue reading

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Today I drove to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass.  It’s part of what I usually do nearly every Sunday. On the way I placed a call to my nephew Tom who’s a member of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard in Anacostia, … Continue reading

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Larry Lessig on Barack

I came across this very good video clip from Charlie Rose’s show. It’s an interview with Larry Lessig who himself is a really great thinker.  I like what he says about Barack Obama being neither left nor right. That’s what … Continue reading

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This was truly one of the most amazing stories of recent memory. The pilot deserves a presidential medal. The passengers are unbelievably calm after such a traumatic event. This event will stand in the annals of aviation history as simply … Continue reading

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