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Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Today we begin the journey to Bethlehem once again. Later I’ll drive to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass and then our monthly Secular Franciscan meeting. This will be my first meeting since May. I’ve … Continue reading

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It’s 5:30AM and Devin is leaving home after being here for five days. It’s been his longest visit home in three years, but as I watch him go I think of how blessed we are to have him. How many … Continue reading

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Trappist Commercial

Well done!

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Wordless noise

I regularly read Gerry Straub’s blog and usually what he posts touches me. What follows is something that I feel a bit more deeply about. Yesterday, while at Mt. Irenaeus I was touched by the poignancy of this silence. Listening … Continue reading

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This is a day and a season of thanksgiving and this year I’m most thankful for all that has happened. This has been a watershed year of memories and a chance to reconnect with people and memories from the past. … Continue reading

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Inherit the wind

The words and thought of Proverbs 11:29 have been with me a lot this fall. I’ve been pondering these words and not even knowing their source. What does it mean to inherit the wind? There is a lot of wisdom … Continue reading

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This is the place

Sometimes I question whether this is the place I’m supposed to be. I question whether I’m doing what I ought to be. This Merton quote puts some of that in perspective. I too like to listen to the wind and … Continue reading

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