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Merton and me

Last night I attended a talk given by Walt Chura, SFO at Mount Irenaeus. Walt’s topic was the “Transformations of Thomas Merton.” Walt talked about the similarities between the transformations of Francis of Assisi and Thomas Merton and helped me … Continue reading

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Sunday Games at Hornell Gus Macker 3 on 3 tournament

Video of Jeff Haskell, Jason Luther, Devin Watkins and Bob Gibbs competing. They eventually finished 3rd in the Top Mens Division

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Waking up

I’m in the process of waking up. It’s a journey and not a destination. I’ll never be fully awake but I hope that I continue to awaken to the reality of the world that has been created for all of … Continue reading

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Gus Macker Tournament

This weekend our family spent much of the weekend in Hornell, New York at the annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Our son Devin has competed in many of these events over the past ten to twelve years. This weekend … Continue reading

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Thirty five years

Yesterday was the thirty-fifth anniversary of my father’s death. It’s a day that will always live in my memory. I was serving on active duty in the United States Navy and stationed at the Naval Air Station in Albany, GA. … Continue reading

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Thank God

Thank God we got a goat herder from Kenya to move to America. Yesterday, as I watched Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin, I was reminded of an earlier time and an earlier American leader. Though not officially our president, Mr. … Continue reading

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Relief from weasels

We are in another election year. It’s a cycle that lasts longer than “road construction” it seems. Each year the hookah gets deeper and deeper. Politicians have always been full of it, but with 24×7 spin doctors on all the … Continue reading

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Frappucino’s rock!

Today I found myself in a Starbucks and I decided to follow the suggestion of my nephew’s Navy chaplain. I ordered a double chocolate chip frappucino. The chaplain’s metaphor of God’s love and double chocolate frappucino’s is right on the … Continue reading

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Pickens Plan

My brother Marc sent me this link to T. Boone Pickens’ plan to reduce our dependence of foreign energy sources. It seems like a good alternative. There can be no doubt that our continued dependence on oil is the bogeyman … Continue reading

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A real leader is always at the scene of the battle. Contrast Barack Obama’s tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq with the leadership style of our current president. Senator McCain’s camp actually leaked the details of the trip, but Obama, … Continue reading

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