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Freedom has its cost

Operation Iraqi Freedom was going to leave us with a democracy in the Middle East. It looks like the Iraqis are catching on and that things are going swimmingly well for them but not so well for us.  Turns out … Continue reading

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Working together

I am convinced that only through working together can we win the disagreements and misunderstandings that lead to war. I am equally convinced that some countries like my own will never be at peace until they can see how much … Continue reading

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Grand Oil Party

True to form the GOP blocked a measure that would have supplied a measure of relief to American’s at the pump. They blocked an effort by Senate Democrats to tax windfall profits of oil companies. Windfall profits would be a … Continue reading

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IQ in your future?

Toyota’s hoping many people will be looking to increase their bottom line with the purchase of an IQ. I’m tempted myself. This little car looks like the ForTwo, only it is for three adults plus one child.  Read more here.

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Thank you Comedy Central

I hadn’t heard that. Too funny. I wonder if the  President has heard of $5 a gallon gasoline.

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A Rather good presentation

A good speech by Dan Rather. Rather is talking about the free press that is articulated in the first amendment of the United States Constitution.

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301 Hazeltine Today while I was waiting for Diane to finish shopping I used my GPS and found what used to be the United States Naval Reserve Center at 301 Hazeltine Avenue in Jamestown, New York. It was here that … Continue reading

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