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Bucket list

A couple of weeks ago I saw the movie Bucket List with my wife and daughter. It’s a great theme and it got me to thinking of some things I’d like to do before I can’t do them anymore.  In … Continue reading

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The desert

I will lead you into the desert, and there I will speak to your heart.–Hosea 2:14 Tomorrow I will be traveling to Tempe, Arizona to visit my sister and brother-in-law. I’m grateful to be invited to their home for a … Continue reading

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Counting the cost

I’ve been on the couch most of today. I’ve had a 24 hour virus. Chills, fever and a bit achey. Today was one of those lovely midwinter days where there were only high cirrus clouds and almost unrestricted sun. That’s … Continue reading

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We are choosing hope..

I love this particular video of Senator Obama. I’m supporting his candidacy because I think he can bring this country back together and that is something we sorely need.

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Minus 5

It’s minus 5 outside tonight and as I looked outside I spotted two deer moving through the snow. They crossed the road in front of our home. I could see their silhouettes in the street light. It must be cold … Continue reading

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True Sanctity

True sanctity does not consist in trying to live without creatures. It consists in using the goods of life in order to do the will of God. It consists in using God’s creation in such a way that everything we … Continue reading

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Silence is the only voice of God

It’s 7 degrees Fahrenheit here right now and it’s been very wintry all day. I didn’t try to make it to Mt. Irenaeus this morning. I figured the weather might make it impossible to drive up Roberts Road. I opted … Continue reading

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