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Letterman on Bush

Dave Letterman has been regularly mocking President Bush with his great moments in presidential history spot each night. He’s going to have to come up with a new spot next year when President Bush leaves office. Will it be John … Continue reading

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No news is good for me

Life has been very busy and I’ve not had time to record my thoughts here in a number of days. I also missed the second anniversary of my entry into blogging. I’m grateful to all the folks who stop by … Continue reading

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When the teacher is ready

There’s an old axiom that when the teacher is ready the pupil or pupils will present themselves. Today at work I sat down in our high school library to install software on a new MacBook. A student next to me … Continue reading

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An expanding universe

Thomas Merton gives voice to a recurring thought of my own and that is the Word in a world where we understand more than when the words were first recorded. I must get to know something of modern physics. Even … Continue reading

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Jesus Wine of Peace

Today was very cold. I think it was about 7 degrees fahrenheit this morning as I ventured up to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass. The roads up to the mountain were snow covered but passable. My journey was very peaceful. There … Continue reading

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Insanity defined

A popular definition of insanity is repeating the same destructive behavior over and over again expecting different results. Front page news in today’s Olean Times Herald revealed that President Bush is proposing an economic stimulus package that includes $150 billion … Continue reading

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More true today than ever

Excerpts from a speech given at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in April of 1967, by one of the greatest prophets of my time. This man is a saint in my book, though he has never been officially recognized as one. … Continue reading

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Remembering Martin

We’ll soon celebrate Dr. King’s birthday. In the years since his death and especially since his birthday became a national holiday there has been a collective effort by government and the media to sanitize Martin’s message. This quote came from … Continue reading

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Viewing Roots again in its entirety reminded me once again of the fallacy of our alleged Judeo-Christian roots. From 1619 until sometime in the 19th century before the end of our own Civil War twenty-million Africans were brought to the … Continue reading

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Last night at dinner our daughter was describing a class she is taking. I don’t know the title, but the content deals with Frederick Douglass and slavery in America. She really loves her teacher who is a Ph.D candidate and … Continue reading

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