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The new man

For the “new man” everything is new. Even the old is transfigured in the Holy Spirit and is always new. There is nothing to cling to, there is nothing to be hoped for in what is already past-it is nothing. … Continue reading

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Humanity to others

I’m a Ubuntu Linux user and a Ubuntu affiliate. I’m always looking for ways to use open source software and I’ve often thought that the open source philosophy is very biblical. There is a real tie to relationship with others … Continue reading

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The Shift Movie

I came across this great video after reading an article by Deepak Chopra on Huffington Post today. There is change brewing and this video gives some thought to that.

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March in my name

I read this morning on one of the alternative news sites about a 60 year old man who is walking to Washington, D.C. to encourage Nancy Pelosi to put impeachment back on the table. He’s a professor and U.S. Air … Continue reading

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Aerocivic and hypermiling

This information came from my brother. He sends me lots of interesting reading, but this funny looking car gets 95 miles per gallon which might be worth considering with spiking fuel prices.  Read about the Aerocivic here.  The mileage comes … Continue reading

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Is there an Ibiza Ecomotive in your future?

Plainfoolish has a great response to one of my earlier comments and I just happened to find the following article on Treehugger’s RSS about an Ibiza Ecomotive. This is worth reading about and maybe there will be one in your … Continue reading

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He who oppresses the poor

Some news outlets are predicting that gasoline prices will increase this spring to near $4/gallon. Remember in the years before Bush/Cheney when we paid less than $2/gallon. The millionaires that we’ll be voting for next year don’t really care that … Continue reading

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In the beginning was the word

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be. What came … Continue reading

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Inner Christmas

A visit to Brother David’s website is always a treat and today was no exception. There was an invitation to celebrate inner Christmas. This resonates for me because it’s a sensation I’ve experienced since I was a young boy. Christmas … Continue reading

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My greatest inspiration

Twenty-six years ago a young lady came into my life and changed it a way that can never be completely described.  When we were married nearly twenty-five years ago I wanted this song to be sung at the service. We … Continue reading

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