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Giver of all gifts

I just visited Brother David Steindl-Rast’s site and this is a great video and commentary from an old friend.

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Believe it or not

I just saw a clip of a segment with Charlie Rose and Karl Rove in which Mr. Rove stated some unbelievable items. I just have to wonder what parallel universe Karl is in. Does he think everyone is asleep? Do … Continue reading

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Tomorrow will mark the day most folks in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the official holiday. I try to remember to be grateful more often than once a year. I don’t remember to give thanks everyday, but when I … Continue reading

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You are the light of the world

My very good friend, Brother Joe Kotula, OFM who is one of the most peaceful and loving people I know sent me this lovely link which I hope you too will enjoy and send to your friends. Take a moment … Continue reading

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Deer Season

I’m sitting on my porch enjoying the warmth of supplied by our QuadraFire pellet stove. It’s amazing how much heat is produced from the burning wood pellets. It’s biomass fuel and very efficient. The pellets come in 40 pound bags … Continue reading

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Non being

I’ve been thinking as I listen to Wayne Dyer’s commentary on the Tao Te Ching. So much of my life is spent in being and doing and what is really important in me and in my life is really non-being. … Continue reading

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Happy is the man

I had the day off for Veterans Day. I drove some country roads I hadn’t been on in years. Eventually my driving brought me to a familiar stop. I arrived at Abbey of the Genesee and the first person to … Continue reading

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The way

Recently when working in a client’s home I began to speak of Rumi and my client spoke of Rumi and Wayne Dyer. This discussion was joined again last Friday night at half time of a basketball game as I met … Continue reading

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First Snow

This morning as I opened the garage door and prepared to enter my car I was presented with a familiar sight. I was greeted by snow on my car. Eventually in my area which lies in the shadow of Lake … Continue reading

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Father Stephen

This story came in today’s mail. I thought it was too good not to share. There was an old Father at Gethsemani-one of those people you get in every large community, who was regarded as sort of a funny fellow. … Continue reading

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