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An enlightened person

To say that one practices zazen in order to become an enlightened person is like saying one practices medicine to become a doctor. To practice medicine is to be a doctor. To practice zazen is to be enlightened. Enlightenment is … Continue reading

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Career Advice

I got the following link from There are some good tips for improving the likelihood of your success at work. One of my pet peeves is people with loud cell phones.  How difficult is it to turn your cell … Continue reading

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Five minute university

As we were having dinner tonight with my daughter who is a junior in college my wife began to tell her about Guido Sarducci and the five minute university. Fr. Guido Sarducci was a regular on Saturday Night Live back … Continue reading

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A world turned upside down..

This week as I watched California burning and read in the evening paper that in five years 36% of our states will face a water shortage I thought that’s something we ought to be genuinely concerned about.

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Watch the shrinking ice cap

Here’s a little video with some disturbing information about the shrinking polar ice cap. We can debate the causes of climate change but there can be no doubt that our climate is changing and with it our life on this … Continue reading

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Spoken text

I have a very good friend who is legally blind. He is 85 years old and gets around very well for someone who has difficulty seeing. He goes to work everyday and presides at family court. We visit a lot … Continue reading

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Information Revolution

As bloggers and regular readers of RSS feeds many of us almost take for granted the information revolution that we are very much a part of. Nonetheless, we are witnessing a paradigm shift equal to Gutenberg’s press. Web 2.0 and … Continue reading

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This is poignant and timely. Every time I hear pundits and politicians speak of war in Iraq or war with Iran I hear the same sort of self-justification for destruction as is described here. There is always some reason why … Continue reading

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His agent

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, pondering and meditating lately. I live a life of active contemplation. Despite this or because of it I am blessed. My recent decision to apply to an MBA program has been born of … Continue reading

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Dynamite birthday

Today is the birthday of Alfred Nobel who actually invented dynamite. He intended it to be used for peaceful purposes. “I wish all guns with their belongings and everything could be sent to hell, which is the proper place for … Continue reading

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