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Merton and morality

It sometimes happens that the men who preach most vehemently about evil and the punishment of evil, so that they seem to have practically nothing else on their minds except sin, are really unconcious haters of other men. They think … Continue reading

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Counter to God’s law?

“We need to be very precise then, about what I said wearing my stars and being very conscious of it,” he added. “And that is, very simply, that we should respect those who want to serve the nation but not … Continue reading

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Trapped in the nest?

I think that all of us are like eagles who have forgotten that we know how to fly. The teachings are reminding us who we are and what we can do. They help us notice that we’re in a nest … Continue reading

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Which petty and cruel dictator…?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been in New York City for a couple of days and he’s been labeled everything but the anti-Christ.  To be sure he’s different and ignorant, but we have our own supply of ignorant and different people here … Continue reading

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Wage peace

According to the American Friends Service Committee we are currently spending $720 million dollars a day in Iraq.

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Dear Mr. President

Powerful video from Pink. No words can describe what you are about to see and hear.

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War pigs

I’ve seen this video in the last six months and it is powerful as we prepare for yet another war. We are the War pigs. We love war. We talk of Jesus and the Ten Commandments, but we condemn anyone … Continue reading

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