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Virtual machines

I’ve spent the last two days learning about VMWare ESX. I’m attending a 4 day training session where I’m learning how to virtualize servers of all flavors. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills. My Linux background has … Continue reading

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The Dentist

I was talking to some friends tonight about one of my favorite W.C. Fields’ comedy routines. It’s about a trip to the dentist. I grew up next to a dental office. My Dad was one of two local dentists in … Continue reading


A grain of salt

My brother sent me an interesting media file on Friday which detailed a remarkable discovery. A cancer researcher discovered that salt water can be used as a fuel. It might even be able to power your vehicle. This will be … Continue reading

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Soul Searching

I just finished watching a documentary I purchased today while visiting Abbey of the Genesee. Entitled “Soul Searching–The Journey of Thomas Merton,” it’s well worth your viewing time.

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I just finished reading a book I read rather quickly because it was tough to put down. I recommend “The Messiah of Morris Avenue.” I think it’s a timely book and I wasn’t quite prepared for its message and ending. … Continue reading

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Blessed imperfection

In the last couple of days there have been two politicians exposed for hypocrisy. Why is it that these right wingers have taken it upon themselves to attempt to legislate a morality that they themselves cannot endure. Thomas Merton wrote … Continue reading

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Personal virtualization

I’ve been reading about virtualization lately and I’ve been experimenting with Virtual Box and VMWare. Next week I’m enrollled in a four day seminar where I’ll learn more about VMWare ESX. As I was running I thought of the power … Continue reading

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Summorum Pontificum

Today I learned of Summorum Pontificum from a co-worker. He said, “the Pope says non-Catholics are going to hell.” I’ve found a blog where someone has had the foresight to translate this letter into English. The Vatican still has only … Continue reading

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Sad Sack

Andrew Sullivan has a well written short piece on his blog today about Mr. Bush and the war in Iraq. Mr. Bush is a sad sack of humanity that managed to get himself elected President of the United States. He … Continue reading

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Lasting Peace

If you truly want to discover a lasting sense of peace and contentment, you need to learn to rest your mind. Only by resting the mind can its innate qualities be revealed. The simplest way to clear water obscured by … Continue reading

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