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Five Mile

I was bummed out today by the WobbleyCrats taking a dive, but tonight I got to drive along one of my favorite areas in our area. It’s a road called “the Five Mile” by area residents.

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Death of Democracy

I noted in tonight’s paper a headline that proclaimed “Democrats have to sell their new strategy to liberals.” In other words they’ve caved in to the “Decider in Chief.”

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Tony Hendra, the author of Father Joe: the Man who Saved My Soul that I mentioned in my three book meme yesterday has a lovely pieced on Huffington Post this morning.

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Putting your money where your mouth is..

Believe it or not the White House opposes pay raises for our troops. Yeah, these are the same clowns who equate supporting the President with supporting the troops. The White House has supported tax breaks for the wealthy,

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Google Apps

If you haven’t seen Google Apps and whether you’re a small business, non-profit or a large enterprise you owe it to yourself to surf on over.

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Home server

I’ve been reading about Microsoft’s new home network server. I’ve thought about that sort of thing before. I’m sure they’ll sell a bundle of them. With a little work you can easily build a Linux based home server and probably … Continue reading

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Who supports the troops more?

Scott Adams author of my favorite comic strip character and author of Dilbert Blog has had two consecutive great posts. Actually he’s had numerous insightful posts, but the last two seem more timely than ever.

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Actually I’ve got a better word for it, but that is what comes to mind when I hear the main stream media justifying what we’re paying at the pump in the United States. In a segment on the one of … Continue reading

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Willoughby’s Coffee

This week through my affiliation with Ubuntu Linux I met a new business and I’m happy to recommend them to readers of this blog. I’ve added them to my links. I hope you give them the business. They are Fair … Continue reading

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E pluribus unum

Out of many one. This is one of the original mottoes of the United States of America. It doesn’t get much attention these days as politicians seek to divide us. It occurred to me that politics can be yet another … Continue reading

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