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Living by the sword has its risks

George Bush’s favorite reason for the Iraq War is “fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here.” I knew that was simplistic and misleading but had nothing to refute that until now. In today’s New York Times … Continue reading

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Compassion in your heart

As a soldier you can be compassionate. You can be loving and your gun can be helpful. There are times you may not have to use your gun. It is like that knife that is used to cut vegetables. You … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

The following came in an email from Jim Hein, SFO (Secular Franciscan Order) The son-in-law of Anne Kramar, SFO, St. Clare Fraternity in Omaha has recently returned home from Iraq. His name is Jim; he is married to Anne’s daughter, … Continue reading

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Random acts of senseless kindness

Today is the Feast of Pentecost. One of the stories from Fr. Bob’s homily today was taken from a real life event that occurred at Bakersfield College in California. Fr. Bob used the story to illustrate the powerful effect we … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Studio

Friday night I happened upon a blog where the writer explained how to install Ubuntu Studio on my laptop. I had just downloaded the ISO on Thursday and was interested but didn’t want to rebuild by laptop.

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In all things

When we are caught in notions, rituals, and the outer forms of the practice, not only can we not receive and embody the spirit of our tradition, we become an obstacle for the true values of the tradition to be … Continue reading

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Dell talks about desktop choice…

I just finished watching a really well produced video on Dell Computer’s website. It is one of the better introductions to Linux I’ve seen. Salient features of Linux include cost, susceptibility to malware and system stability.

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