Pirates and Emperors

I came across this humorous little animation while looking at the blogs of Houghton College students and faculty. There is a powerful message in this short clip.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging is my own curiosity about other bloggers who are writing about subjects that I am writing about. Almost always I discover that we have much in common and that they are concerned with much of what I am concerned with. It’s a very broadening experience and helps to dispel stereotypes. The more we see in common with each other the more respect and solidarity is created and the more we could see that we are all brothers and sisters of the same creator.

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About Don Watkins

I'm a FOSS advocate, writer, educator, Python coder, Linux user, US Navy Veteran, Secular Franciscan, husband,father and grandfather. I blog about my life and experiences that give it meaning.
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